The Covid-19 Series

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

LA County crossed 400 known deaths from coronavirus today. In order to reduce the risk of spread covid in the prison system, L.A. County released 3,500 nonviolent inmates today.

Reformed life has changed dramatically in this pandemic. Where do you go after being released from jail? Can you go home? A half-way home? Who takes you in? Where do you self-quarantine?

Although our supply chains are still struggling to support our economic downturn, I still feel more resolute now than ever in this being a time of opportunity. I believe pain begets growth. And what we have here is a tidal wave of growth. We owe it to our fellow Americans to make sure we vote in this election in resounding numbers.

We must inform our choices. Our partnerships. Our friendships. We must look internally - in a time of adversity did we think of others more than ourselves? Have we checked in with loved ones? Have we donated our services to those in need? How can we help the front line responders?

I sometimes find myself crippled with fear. Who doesn't? Did I wipe this down with enough Clorox? Was there a mist lingering in the bread aisle? Am I asymptomatic? But then I realize I've been paranoid about this far too long and in that, I find some level of acceptance. There's some level of peace in believing science when it proves something is happening. On the bright side, LA County seems to have handled this disease pretty well. LAX is a major hub for transit to China and we didn't get it as bad as other places. I think driving in cars, drinking green juices, and working constantly helped us after all.

I am grateful for life. Life is beautiful. I'm grateful for my health.

Trader Joe's on La Brea had a line of 40+ people. Some of them looked to be less than six feet away from each other in my opinion. Social distancing isn't easy on these streets. I want some cauliflower gnocchi now too. Maybe not as bad as they do.

A Trader Joe's representative keeps civilians from clogging up the driveway. Mid City, Los Angeles.

The wind blows through fountain grass.

Golden hour at the bottom of a hill. Shot in Santa Monica, California.

Street lilies aka fountain grass. I'm obsessed with fountain grass. It flows like water to me. There's something endlessly beautiful about the fountain grass.

Ponyboy. This is a stallion made of bronze in Malibu. The trees are gorgeous. Malibu, California.

Chlorophyll is a pigment found in the chloroplasts in the leaves. This is why plants are green. Simply put, plants are green because of photosynthesis. We need to ally with more plants right now. They're really pretty and make the air clean.

Utopia of the Pacific Palisades.

A single palm tree.

Trash and caution signs litter the sidewalk.

Patrons text while in line. Caution signs block boarded-up storefronts.

photos by Danny Simmons

A closed Jiffylube. Like always shot on a sony a7sii #sonyalpha with vintage Pentax lenses #sonya7sii #pentax #losangeles #covid19 #covid19series #photography #portraits

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