My FIRST Viral Video!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

My First YouTube Video Ever was a parody and it sorta went viral - don't judge!!!

Enjoy this homage to my favorite fast-food restaurant, In-N-Out. I never worked at the fine establishment, but one night I was in San Diego and wanting some munchies when I thought of the idea to parody Psy’s Gangnam Style. If you don't recall the viral sensation take a look here:

Despite an early 20s bender of a night that ended in skinny dipping in the warm San Diegan waters of Mission Beach, I managed to write the idea down... 48 hours later a group of my closest friends showed up in support of our favorite burger joint. I wrote/recorded the song the night before with Bryan Honig and from there we cast it with stars like Brian “Zang” Zaghi who has since gone on to Magic Giant fame:

University of Arizona baseball star, San Fernando Valley legend, and actor, Oliver Padre also makes a cameo.

As a director, writer, and producer I’ve come a long way since this first video and I’m grateful the first thing I made was seen on KTLA, NBC, HuffPo, Eater, LAist, and FoodBeast.

Animal Style is the first piece of video content I ever made and it is where I met my long-time collaborator and friend, David Fisch of IDFI Media.

A relationship that continues to grow and foster no matter what genre work on together While we are not In-N-Out employees or representatives, we just love how In-N-Out feels inside us. Have a bite and enjoy this hilarious throwback!

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