Christian A. Pierce is a FORCE

S1.E.4 Christian Pierce (Executive Producer of The Real Bros of Simi Valley)

In this episode of The Broken Dove Podcast, CAP discusses overcoming depression, his role in social activism, and how he gets into a flow state creatively and physically.

Best known for his on-screen roles alongside co-star Jimmy Tatro in their YouTube series "Life According to Jimmy," (500 million total views) CAP is one of the minds behind some of the funniest viral videos of recent years. A newcomer to watch, Christian is the co-writer, creator, executive producer, and star of Facebook Watch's scripted comedy series "The Real Bros of Simi Valley." One of the first times I met CAP was on the set of "Types of Drunks" created by A Box of Scraps. Wildly enough, it has over 2 million views to date. The sketch features Ian Meltzer (drummer, homie, endlessly funny music producer), Nick Depsky (818 legend) Gabby Lamb (comedic genius), Reggie, Jay Harp, and Jimmy Tatro amongst others.

Christian is the kind of authenticity we all dream of. He's real, he grinds, he respects the past but stays in the present moment. I apologize in advance for my stream of consciousness writing here...journaling some might call it, but I'm grateful to cross his path. And I'm lucky to get sentimental here. CAP forces his friends to have tough conversations with themselves and others and that is something rare. It's the producer in him I guess... It's rare to find someone who excels in all they do. We idolize rarity these days - we always have and we ought to. I'm not sure why I was motivated to begin this podcast path. It's daunting that's for sure. Interviewing so many incredible people feels like a blessing. How do I improve on this process without being overwhelmed by circumstance? Is this something I'm good at for a change or will I continue to be a Jack of many trades? I'll tell you what... this is a damn good-looking blog post haha. Thanks for tuning in and I can't wait to see how this wonderful plant grows like the pothos in CAP's living room.

Here's a little transcript taste of what we talked about:

Christian Pierce is one of the brilliant minds behind some of the funniest viral videos of recent years. A veteran class clown, curator of vibe, and all-around icon CAP is a humble guy with style. Every Angeleno adores Christian. He is the co-writer, executive producer, and star of Facebook watches scripted comedy series, The Real Bros of Simi Valley Christian is also the best-looking social rights activist to grace this fu*$#$&*@# planet. Holy cow, his abs are so ripped. They have their own area code eight one eight. Great one eight infinity, one infinity. He's the autuer behind US_Unmuted...

A long-time Valley institution of bad-assry. He's more famous than Gronk at U of A. He's balanced. He's sweet. He's got good quips and deep dips... at the gym. He

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Speaker 2: And with no further ado, Christian thanks for coming on

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Speaker 1: BY FAR. By far the best intro I've ever had that was, I needed to like, write that down and pass it out to people. What'd you say?

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I'm like a hype man. I'm like a very tall hype man.

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Yeah. You're the best hype man I've ever heard. At least for me, I might have to hire you. You just walk around with me, I walk into like a coffee shop and you just, you know, let that rip.

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So, so obviously, uh, you know, we just started 2021. What are some of your goals that you want to kind of achieve so far and, and w what have you set for your intentions?

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I mean, we're diving right into the, to the heavy stuff, huh? Um, 20, 20, 21 is for me about having the courage to do what's best for me and my dreams. Um, I have a, I have a history of, I'm a very, I'm a very, I'm a people pleaser in a sense. Uh, but for people I like love, you know what I mean? And someone always could use the assistance or help with something. So I'm usually the one helping people achieve their dreams and like taking time out of my schedule and sacrificing my needs and wants for the needs and wants of others. And I still want to be there for my friends and family, but I'm also going to prioritize myself and my goals. Uh, you know, I'm creating goals. I want to sell it, come out with a few new series. Um, I want to finish a couple of feature scripts. I want to host some diverse, engaging conversations with un-muted. Um, I, you know, the top of the list always gonna be storytelling. So however I can tell as many stories that are close to my heart as possible, I'm going to be on that train. Cool. And I'm also trying to grow like nine, 10 inches, so I can be your height.

Mental health is more important now than ever.


Help NAMI provide real-time mental health support and guidance during this crisis and every day.

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